What is SharePoint?

SharePointis our digital learning environment. This is a secure web-based platform that contains information and documents aimed specifically at students, parents, teachers and governors of Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst.

What content is on SharePoint?

SharePoint is organised into different areas for ‘Staff’, ‘Students’, ‘Subjects’, ‘Post-16’, ‘Parents’ and ‘Governors’. When you sign in you will see areas applicable to you.
One of the most useful areas are the individual year group pages (under the ‘Student’ menu). These contain specific information relevant to that year, i.e. the Year 7 page may have support and advice, whilst the Year 11 page may have revision techniques and exam timetables.

How do I access SharePoint?

To sign in to SharePoint, go to where you will be asked to enter your email address and password (this is your Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst email address and password).

Does SharePoint work on mobile devices?

SharePoint works well on mobiles, although you do not get the full functionality you would from using it on a desktop. Some content is also not available. There are a number of Microsoft apps for Office 365, SharePoint and the Office applications.

Who can I contact about SharePoint?

If you have any questions about where any content is, or have suggestions about improving what is on SharePoint, please contact Miss Walker (
If you have any problems logging on or getting access to certain areas, please contact

To access the site, the link is

Downloads and Links

  • SharePoint
    Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst learning platform. Note: you will need your academy email and password to sign in.