Year 11 Success 4 Life

DOWNLOAD: Y11 Period 6 letter

KS4 Learning Maps

Learning maps provide an overview of the key elements of the subjects that students are completing. These should be used as revision aids by students to prompt them to consider which topics they need to recap. Parents and guardians can use these to support their child’s revision to identify gaps in their knowledge, and then using SENECA learning, to bridge those gaps.

First Career Steps

This assembly introduces you to the TGAK careers teams. It details support that we offer and gives lots of information about your options when you complete year 11.

Links to websites mentioned in assembly:


Use license code : b376nu


Login detail have been emailed to your school accounts. If you are unable to find these please use the forgotten password option and use your school email to get back into your accounts.

We also require all students to complete the First Career Steps – student survey. This gives us great starting point for the careers meeting that you will have at some point in year 11, ensuring you get the best, most bespoke information we can give you.

Questionnaire link: First Career Steps – Student Survey