Year 8 and 9 Options

For the last few years, students have selected their options subjects in year 8 to allow them to personalise their curriculum from year 9, giving a 3 year Key stage 4. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption to our students – not only in terms of academic content and skills, but also those crucial experiences that only come from education visits, sports teams and extra-curricular clubs. This impact of this loss of learning will be seen for many years to come and therefore year 9 will now become part of Key stage 3. This extra year will allow the students to study the full range of subjects for three full years giving time to deepen and broaden knowledge and skill sets. As part of this change, we fully recognise that students very much value the opportunity to select subjects relating to their own areas of interest, and therefore all year 9 students will study two ‘Special Interest Subjects’. These SIS will spend year 9 focusing on fundamental skills and knowledge application to prepare students for key stage 4 study in these areas.

During year 9, students will select two further subjects, and together with their SIS choices, these will form their full personalised curriculum as they enter year 10.

For September 2021,the SIS subjects will be drawn from option blocks 3 and 4 from the options booklet. Students will reselect their option block 1 and 2 subjects during year 9.

DOWNLOAD: Options booklet Pathway 1-4

DOWNLOAD: Options booklet Pathway 5+