The Tudor Voyage

What is the Tudor Voyage?

At Tudor Grange Kingshurst we know that to be successful our students need more than just good grades which is why we have introduced he Tudor Voyage. It is a record of achievement – a way of logging all of our students awards, certificates and proudest moments. Pieces of evidence for the Tudor Voyage are obtained by demonstrating the Tudor Habits and students who collect the most evidence will be rewarded at half termly intervals.

We envisage our students taking their achievement folders to future interviews, demonstrating their holistic skill sets and ultimately providing them with the edge over other candidates.

How is evidence collected?

All students have an achievement folder which includes a list of possible pieces of evidence tailored specifically for their year group. This evidence is then stored in the folder under the supervision of their form tutor and can range from certificates, photos of them demonstrating their learning outside of the classroom or letters confirming their presence at an academy event.

For example, our year 7 students can demonstrate their aspirations by taking part in enough extra-curricular activity hours to graduate from the Childrens University. Our year 11 students on the other hand may demonstration high aspirations by making Head Boy or Head Girl applications.

What have our students said about this?

“The Tudor Voyage will be beneficial for everybody as it helps to organise our achievements and prepare for the future”
– Maisie Holliday. Pankhurst College

“The Tudor Voyage will help us to give evidence at interviews that make us more likely to get the opportunities that we want in the future”
– Abbey Cullen. Newton College

“I think the Tudor Voyage is a good idea. It will help me to remember all the positives throughout school and keep my achievements together”
– Romii Cherry. Hawking College