Extra Curricular


Year 8 Art Club – D306 (Limited Numbers)
Miss Perez Vega

All years Badminton – Sportshall
Mr Hinsley

All Years Rugby – Grass
Mr McEvoy

Year 9-11 – Duke of Edinburgh –A108/OLEC
(Week 2 Only) Mrs Cooper and Mr Wells.

Year 7 and 8 Reading – D118 (Week 2 Only)
Mr Rainsford and Ms King


All year Music club – B123
Miss Bridgewater

Year 8 Dance – B035
Mr Venson

All years Gymnastics/Trampolining- Sportshall
Mrs Roe and Miss Reynolds

Year 10/11 Football – grass
Mr Wells

Year 7 Dance – Hall
Mrs Norris

Year 10 6+ Maths – D210
Mrs Pickard, Miss Ahmed

Year 9 and 10 Reading – D118 (week 2)
Mr Rainsford and Miss Baxter


No Clubs


All years Performing Arts – Hall.
Mrs Galloway, Mr Venson, Miss Foster

Year 7&8 Bushcraft – OLEC (6 students)
Mr Jones

Year 7 Football – 3G/Grass
Mr McEvoy

Year 8 Football – 3G/Grass
Mr Hinsley

Year 9&110 Dance – B035
Mrs Norris

All years Netball – Netball courts
Miss Reynolds and Mrs Roe

All year Basketball – Sportshall
Mr Wells

Year 8 Enigma Club –D210
Mrs Pickard, Miss Ahmed

KS3 Science Club – TBC
Ms Coker-Adeleke

All years drop in Careers – D021
Careers Team

Year 9 and 10 Reading club – D118
Miss Baxter and Ms King


Year 11 BTEC Intervention – A106/A108
Mrs Lowe, Mr Hinsley, Mr McEvoy.

Year 10 BTEC intervention – A106/A108
Mrs Lowe, Mr Hinsley, Mr Wells

All years Creative Club – B039
Mr Carrington, Mr Watts