IB Theatre - performance


Key Stage 5

What will I study?
The course is comprised of many practical aspects and styles of Drama which are over two years, varying from Commedia Dell’ Arte to Theatre of the Absurd. You will study theatrical traditions from all over the world and gain an understanding of why they are important and the impact they made on the society of the time.

Areas of study include:

  • Greek Theatre
  • Melodrama
  • Commedia Dell’ Arte
  • Theatre of the Absurd
  • Monologues
  • Stanislavski
  • Brecht

How will be assessed?
The course is assessed with three pieces of coursework and the creating of a whole group performance.

What coursework will I need to do?

  • Solo theatre Piece
    Students select a theatre theorist they have not previously studied and will create a short performance in the style of their chosen theorist. Students will approach this task from the perspective of a director, performer and designer.
  • The Director’s Notebook
    Students choose a published play text and research into the social, historical and cultural contexts. The process will be recorded and presented in the form of a director’s notebook.
  • Research Presentation
    Students will deliver an individual presentation, which will outline their research and exploration of a theatre tradition.
  • Collaborative Project
    Students will collaboratively create and present an original piece of theatre to a specified target audience.

Case study
Thomas Duern
Thomas studied IB Theatre and passed the course with his creativity and attention to detail. He has now toured the UK in Riverdance and is continuing his career in the performing arts industry.

Natasha Jones
Natasha studied the IB Theatre course and showed flair for creativity and a real understanding of the cultural aspects of Theatre. She has gone on to study English and Drama at university.

Samuel O’Gorman
Samuel passed the IB Theatre with his natural talent and passion for acting as well as his flair for developing performing ideas. He has gone on to Middlesex University to study Drama.

Course: Theatre

Exam Board: IB