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The Media department have two fully fitted Apple Mac suites and a range of other technical equipment, including a radio station. Students who take Media have the opportunity to use industry standard software such as Final Cut Pro and Motion.

Key Stage 5

What will I study?
The IB Film course is wide and varied; students will study a range of films from all around the world. During the exploration of World Cinema students will analyse British Film, French Film, Italian Film and Spanish Film. The course also develops students’ practical film making abilities, with students taking on a variety of principal production roles such as: director, cinematographer, editor and writer. The course requires students to be resilient and individual problem solvers both when it comes to analysing film in lessons or being on film sets. Film students whilst very creative; also understand the impact that previous works and directors have had on the films they produce.  The Post 16 iPad project has meant that we are able to film, edit and analyse films in easier ways than ever before, students taking film as their group 6 option need to be open to the use of new technology and considering others’ ideas.

How will I be assessed?
There are 3 assessments within the IB Film course. They are completed at various times during the course because there is currently no ‘formal, sit down examination’ for the IB Film course.

  • Textual Analysis task (25%).

This is a recorded oral presentation of 15 minutes. Students select a 5 minute section from a prescribed list of films and discuss the directors choices and impact that they have on the audience.

  • Independent Study (25%)

The independent study takes the form of a 15 page documentary script based on an exploration of world cinema and critical theory. Students will cover a range of topics in class and select the topic that they would like to independently study and develop their understanding of further.

  • Practical Production Portfolio (50%)

Students are required to produce a 7 minute short film, 60 second trailer and a 1750 word commentary to support their film. Whilst this may at first appear to be relatively simple anyone with experience of film making will understand that this is a very large task that requires a range of pre-production, production and post production planning. It is essential that film students are organised and prepared to work hard!

Case Studies
Dean Abdou has now moved on to study Film at the University of Lincoln but whilst he was in Year 13 he was awarded a £1,500 grant from Solihull Council to allow him to purchase film equipment to set up a film club for younger students. Lots of our film students discover that they have a real passion for film whilst taking this course and head to University to study a range of film related degrees. There are also several IB film students who have progressed to camerawork apprenticeships within the Film industry.

Course: Film

Exam Board: IB