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Outdoor Education and Adventure Centre (OAEC) aerial shot

The OEAC consists of six very different zones offering a wide range of learning and physical/mental skills development opportunities. The zones are:

  • Trench Zone: The Arthur Vickers VC trench is a World War One replica trench that brings to life conditions that soldiers endured in the conflict. A diverse range of activities can be accommodated including making periscopes, cooking authentic trench food, newspaper propaganda and much more.
  • Challenge Zone: Kindly supported by the armed forces community covenant and Alcoa, the zone features a low ropes, boulder and caving system.
  • Pond Zone: Kindly supported by Birmingham Airport Community Trust, the pond provides an accessible and secure environment for pond dipping and science experiments.
  • Art and Sculpture Zone: A large area ideal for art and sculpture.
  • Performance Zone: A perfect setting for intimate performances with its atmospheric setting and extensive capacity.
  • Garden Zone: A stimulating environment to learn about gardening and cultivating crops.

Grant partners

The creation of our innovative Outdoor Education and Adventure Centre has been kindly supported by the academy’s grant partners, who all provided funds to help secure its development. If you would like to support future development of the centre please contact lee.fletcher@ctckingshurst.academy.

Our range of educational programmes

We have a number of programmes available which utilise the unique aspects of the OEAC together with focused educational content to ensure you get the most out of your visit.

Adventure Day - holding water on swing

Adventure Day

  • Low Ropes
  • Team Building
  • Archery
  • Caving

Price: £- please enquire
Duration: 4 hours

Adventure Day - programme cover
Living Things - pond dipping

Living Things


• Classification
• Variation
• Adaption
• Life cycles
• Food Chains

Price: £- please enquire
Duration: 4 hours

Living Things - programme cover
Rocks and Soils - exploring rocks

Rocks and Soils


• Identification of rocks
• How rocks are formed
• Fossilisation
• Uses of rocks

Price: £- please enquire
Duration: 4 hours

Rocks and Soils - programme cover
WWI Trench Experience - trench entrance

WWI Trench Experience


• Interactive historical experience
• Links to British Values
• Find out what life was like in the trenches

Price: £- please enquire
Duration: 4 hours

WWI Trench Experience - programme cover

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